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Selling SCOOP action
  adam001, Apr 28 2011

going to be selling SCOOP action in events

1,2,7,8,12,19,20,26,35,37,38 for highest buy-in ones only.

for stars $ only at 1.2:1 up to 40% for each

Can get reputable ppl to vouch for me if needed



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upcoming niagara falls 5k and 2500 events
  adam001, Dec 28 2010

basically gonna be some soft trnies running at niagara falls during PCA Jan 5-12 and selling 30% of myself in both the 5k and 2500 at 1.2:1 for stars $.

post here or msg me if you want any.

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Nice tourney chop and some updates.
  adam001, Mar 27 2007

Have not updated for a few days - been busy. Been fairly swingy lately. Had 3 sesh's recently that went +1200 +1400 then -1200, lol. Had some tough hands in the -1200 sesh that I just could not get away from : - standard - this one hurt - river card was like almost his only money card. Pretty badly played by him imo, but shit happens.

I wont go ranting on about beats so... - this is a pretty insteresting hand I played - on the turn it is clear that he does not have a strong enough hand to continue UNLESS he had reason to believe that I was also not very strong. I tried to make a bet on the turn that would make it look as though im trying to push him off his hand. He called me, and I had a feeling that he was going to try and make a play on the river when he called this bet on the turn. I quick check the river leaving him feeling confident that I was running a play. He makes his move - I shove, he snap folds.

But plays like this I think are often times over-looked - and its plays like these that have been making me a ton of money lately. - This hand was another interesting one. The line I decided to take here was far from my typical line. On a draw heavy board like that i would almost always raise that flop. However given the history with the specific opponent, I felt calling was my best option and here is why.

We have been sitting together for about 30-40 min. Almost every time it folds to him and he raises B vs B i call him preflop and either float flop or put in smallish raises and take it from him. When this flop came out I had a very good feeling that if i called him again he would get very frustrated and make a hefty bet on the turn that I could push rather than raising flop. That is exactly what happened and I moved him in. He made a surprisingly bad call though with only a straight draw for 170 more, I did not put him on a hand that weak - but I knew he was frustrated with me and I played it accordingly.

Then on Thursday night this happened:

That was not an all out win - was a 2 way chop 50/50 - giving me approx 6K.

Now I am rolled for 400NL - but I think im gonna spend another month or so at 200nl before I make the move - as I hear it is a lot tougher.

Some thoughts on 200nl : very easy and profitable limit imo, a lot of the regulars are not very good and some are very spewy. Table selection has really improved my winrate recently as I have been now selecting tables with high VPIP %s with a decent amount of money on the table. Whereas before I was simply looking for the tables to have a decent amount of money on them and would often find myself at a table full of regulars.

Anyways - will try and keep this blog updated as much as possible. Looking to put in a solid session tonight at 200nl, so updates to come.


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